Raised Spindles
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2.25" Balljoint Lift Spindles

Here is a set that Mark has on his rig that were made by someone else.  These gave us the idea on how to go about it.




Here is the entire procedure to build 2.25" lifted balljoint spindles, the Blind Chicken Racing way.  It really went smooth and mostly hassle free, (broke my band saw blade on my last fat trimming cut.)


liftspindles01.JPG (101539 bytes)   liftspindles_jig01.JPG (119882 bytes)   liftspindles_jig02.JPG (120808 bytes)   liftspindles_jig03.JPG (107799 bytes)   

liftspindles_jig04.JPG (86757 bytes)   liftspindles_jig05.JPG (101910 bytes)   
The first thing that I had to do was come up with a couple of suitable pairs of balljoint spindles.  Then with the magic of camera, I came up with a jig that would give me a solid square surface that can be clamped into the vice on the horizontal band saw.  I welded a stock spindle bearing keeper washer to the end of the tube so that it keeps the spindle from rotating inside the tube while cutting.  The tube is simply a piece of .120" wall mild steel tube left over from some other project.


liftspindles02.JPG (62887 bytes)   liftspindles03.JPG (100463 bytes)   liftspindles04.JPG (101704 bytes)   liftspindles05.JPG (96110 bytes) 

liftspindles06.JPG (107541 bytes)   liftspindles07.JPG (100516 bytes)   liftspindles08.JPG (101868 bytes)   liftspindles09.JPG (56702 bytes)
Here is a set of close up pics of the actual cutting required to give me the final pieces to weld together.  On one set of spindles you need to cut the spindle itself off as close to the backing plate as possible, and as smooth as you can.   The other set need to have balljoint mount, and steering arm cut off, leaving you with a spindle and the just a back.  You can hit the grinder to edges if you like to give them a taper where the weld will be, so you can get the deepest weld possible.  I was able to weld these in one pass with a Miller 180 MIG.  Some models of welders would require at least 2 passes to get a thorough weld.


liftspindles10.JPG (90677 bytes)   liftspindles12.JPG (95637 bytes)   liftspindles13.JPG (91564 bytes)   liftspindles14.JPG (97791 bytes)
Here is what they look like as I installed them on the orange baja.  For your viewing pleasure I took a pic of the passenger side installed, and the drivers not yet.  

Completed lift spindles are available.  Click here for more info.



Van der Jeught Bert, in Belgium found his way to our "How To" section, and used some of our techniques to inspire him to make a set of lowered spindles for his VW Type 3.  If you would like to see how he went about it, click here.


2" Kingpin Lift with Balljoint Spindles

The first step is to cut the back off of a good balljoint spindle and cut off the steering arms.  I leave about 3/8" material on the spindle and cut it as flat as I can so the surface is perpendicular to the spindle.  It makes it easier to weld on to the kingpin back if it is flat and square.  Otherwise you have to align everything first to get it close to square.

After the ball joint spindle is cleaned up, cut the kingpin spindle off flush with the backing.  Cut only the spindle as you will need the backing to weld the modified ball joint spindle to it.

Select how much of a lift you want by placing the BJ spindle in place and tack welding it.  Make sure you have enough overlap to make a strong weld.  The more the lift, the more stress there will be on the spindle and the more likely it will break.  Besides with a kingpin front suspension it does not need a lot of lift if the stops are gone.

Assemble the front suspension and attach the arms to the spindle and check for clearance on the newly attached piece.  Make sure that you can assemble and disassemble the front suspension and that the BJ backing does not hamper steering.  After checking, disassemble the front end again and weld up the spindle.  Make sure to give it a good hot weld, grind it and weld it again to get maximum penetration and no gaps in the welds.  Remember the stronger the better on this part.



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